March 20 - 4:08 PM
Art Streiber on shooting/directing the print and motion campaign for the new Pop comedy “Nightcap”
“Nightcap is the brainchild of comedian Ali Wentworth, who plays the executive producer of a fictitious late-night talk show hosted by a guy named Jimmy. The entire show takes place in the hallways and offices backstage at the show, and we never see Jimmy (but that’s his fake desk)!” explains Art Streiber, who shot the […]

March 10 - 8:56 PM
Art Streiber photographs “Manchester by the Sea” star Michelle Williams for The Sunday Times Magazine

March 08 - 9:12 PM
Art Streiber photographs musician and actor John Legend for the cover of Delta Sky magazine

March 06 - 9:20 PM
Art Streiber photographs “Moonlight” director and co-screenwriter Barry Jenkins with his Oscar for Entertainment Weekly

March 03 - 8:12 PM
Sign up for Art Streiber’s all-day seminar on assignment production, career management, and self-promotion for editorial photographers
On March 11 in Los Angeles, renowned portrait photographer Art Streiber will be giving a daylong seminar aimed at helping editorial photographers take their career to the next level. In “The Big Picture: Assignment Production, Career Management, and Self-Promotion in Today’s Editorial Market,” Art will take attendees behind the scenes of his editorial shoots, outline […]

February 22 - 6:38 PM
Art Streiber on photographing Jimmy Kimmel, the host of this year’s Oscars, for the cover of Variety
“In the footsteps of Bob Hope, Johnny Carson, and Billy Crystal, here comes Jimmy Kimmel to host the Oscars! Jimmy is dry and witty and completely up to the task. In front of the camera, he is completely game and actually willing to go too far,” says Art Streiber, who photographed Kimmel for the cover of […]

February 17 - 6:25 PM
Art Streiber shoots wonderfully creepy key art, directs chilling motion promos for season five of the A&E drama “Bates Motel”
In season five of A&E‘s hit series Bates Motel, Norma (played by Vera Farmiga) is dead but vividly lives on in the mind of her obsessive son, Norman (Freddie Highmore). The network commissioned Art Streiber to capture the creepiness of this new chapter in their, um, relationship, in the show’s key art. This is the […]

February 14 - 12:10 PM
TV and movie posters by Matthias Clamer, Jim Fiscus, Michael Muller, and Art Streiber honored by the 2016 IMP Awards
Congratulations to Matthias Clamer, Jim Fiscus, Michael Muller, and Art Streiber for being honored by the 2016 IMP Awards. Matthias earned accolades for his campaign for Atlanta. See more of his key art and publicity images for the acclaimed Donald Glover series here. Jim’s key art for the Lifetime movie Manson’s Lost Girls was named […]

January 30 - 12:08 PM
Art Streiber shoots hilarious key art for season two of TV Land’s “Teachers”

January 09 - 1:45 PM
Art Streiber photographs screenwriter Max Landis for Empire magazine’s January issue