February 02 - 8:50 PM
Art Streiber photographs the cast of “American Crime Story” on set for the cover of Entertainment Weekly
Art Streiber recently photographed the cast of American Crime Story, the first episode of which airs tonight on FX, on the 20th Century Fox Studios soundstage where the series was filmed. “We shot on a meticulously re-created set of the LA Superior courtroom where O.J. Simpson was acquitted of the murder of Nicole Simpson and Ronald […]

January 26 - 12:55 PM
Art Streiber shoots key art for Rashida Jones’ TBS comedy, “Angie Tribeca”

January 20 - 6:47 PM
Art Streiber photographs “Deadpool” star Ryan Reynolds, in and out of character, for Empire magazine

January 13 - 8:32 PM
“The red carpet is a war zone”—and other observations from Art Streiber on shooting behind the scenes at the Oscars
Art Streiber has been photographing the Academy Awards for 15 years now. The rehearsals, the crews prepping the theater, the stars backstage, the winners the morning after—all of it. And he’s produced countless classic images in the process. What’s his secret? Comfortable shoes, for one thing. And knowing how to get the shot even when […]

January 12 - 6:50 PM
Congratulations to Best Magazine Cover nominees Melanie Acevedo, Alexei Hay, Jeff Lipsky, Miller Mobley, Nino Muñoz, and Art Streiber
ASME, the American Society of Magazine Editors, recently announced the nominees for its annual Best Cover Contest. We’re thrilled to report that six of our photographers are among the creatives whose work was selected: • Two Parents covers by Melanie Acevedo—a back-to-school series of fashion portraits and a portrait for a feature on raising confident […]

January 11 - 12:42 PM
Art Streiber photographs Golden Globe winner Sylvester Stallone for the cover of Variety

December 24 - 12:33 PM
Happy holidays from all of us at Stockland Martel
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December 23 - 5:15 PM
Art Streiber photographs “The Revenant” director Alejandro G. Iñárritu and star Leonardo DiCaprio for the cover of Variety

December 21 - 12:25 PM
Art Streiber’s lovely portrait of Angelina Jolie published on the cover of French Elle

December 16 - 8:27 PM
Art Streiber on photographing legendary tenor Placido Domingo for Vanity Fair Spain
  “The shoot with Placido Domingo for Vanity Fair Spain was a bit of a production minefield; budget constraints, timing constraints, and union constraints combined for a hectic afternoon with El Maestro, who is not only one of the world’s greatest tenors, but also the general director of the LA Opera. We arrived at LA’s […]