May 20 - 10:35 AM
The Stockland Martel Blog turned 4 this spring, so we thought it would be fun to look back at the posts that attracted the most views over the years. But instead of a list of links, our retrospective takes the form of the gallery below. Click on any image to view the whole thing as […]
March 29 - 12:26 PM
Our March/April newsletter showcasing new advertising work… . . Our March/April newsletter showcasing new editorial work… . . Want to be on our list? Sign up here. . .
February 07 - 9:57 AM
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November 21 - 9:02 AM
Welcome to Stockland Martel‘s November/December newsletter, featuring new work, news, interviews, and behind-the-scenes stories… . . Jim Fiscus on photographing the men of Duck Dynasty for A&E. READ. Art Streiber on photographing Andie MacDowell and her daughters for Town & Country. READ. Timothy Greenfield-Sanders photographs the new generation of voguers. SEE. Matthew Rolston on photographing […]
April 25 - 1:07 PM
In addition to working as a creative producer for a Minneapolis ad agency, Jenny Barnes is the founder of JENREN, a blog where she collects images that inspire her. The project started as a personal passion but has blossomed into an industry resource and been featured on A Photo Editor and the Tree House Reps […]
August 12 - 1:34 PM
. Portraits in which the subject meets the photographer’s gaze are justifiably the norm, but there’s plenty to be said for shooting a profile view. You feel somehow that the photographer is letting you in on something—something that subjects themselves may not be aware of at the time… . . .
December 18 - 9:02 AM
… Print may no longer be the mainstream medium of choice, but it’s still a star in the world of small-edition publishing. Last week, I wrote about Arkitip, which produces unique sets of magazines in collaboration with artists and others. And today marks the debut of the new issue of Nomenus Quarterly, which is published […]