Hayley Callander is a set designer and prop master known for her innovative conceptual design, technical skills, and ability to cleverly problem solve in even the most challenging of circumstances. Her extensive experience includes set and costume design, prop building, fashion shows, editorials, and music videos, and her clients range from Coca-Cola and Cadbury, to Mazda and Mini Cooper, to L’Oreal, Heineken, and Nokia.

Influenced by cinema and possessing a quick wit, Hayley designs highly charged compositions, while her stylized approach to set and wardrobe create a heightened, saturated, dreamlike quality. She prefers manual processes and often experiments with special effects to design and create props, costumes, and sets. She once produced a jacket made entirely of slices of toasted bread for a beer ad, made real people look like life-size plastic models for a transportation campaign, and created a snow-globe helmet—complete with quaint landscape—for a personal project.

“I enjoy the complex narrative of visual communication and the creative process of sewing concepts together. The more insane the idea, the better, in my book,” says Hayley, whose many inspirations range from pop-up books, Tokyo in spring, Dali’s mustache, and Yves Klein’s blue to Warhol's Polaroids, Wes Anderson’s palette, “Gregory Crewdson's everything,” anthropomorphic memes, La Nouvelle Vague, “New Wave of New Wave,” Alejandro Jodorowsky’s The Holy Mountain, Velázquez’s Las Meninas, cats in pajamas, and “the cat’s pajamas!”

For a peek at Hayley’s creative process, visit the “Making Of” section of her website.