January 28 - 12:07 PM
Jan Steinhilber shoots Peugeot 308 GTI catalog
credits agency: This Is BD art director: Nicolas Piergallini pProduction company: Cream retoucher: Continental  

August 03 - 11:38 AM
Jan Steinhilber photographs the Porsche 911 Black Edition
  credits agency: Kemper Kommunikation art buying: Doreen Buechin art direction: Tim Bruchmueller

July 13 - 11:51 AM
Jan Steinhilber shoots the Porsche 911 Targa 4 GTS sports coupe in action
  Shot in Spain with Local Hero Productions, Frankfurt/Barcelona. agency: Kemper Kommunikation creative director: Patrick Falter art buyer: Doreen Büchin

March 26 - 1:57 PM
Jan Steinhilber photographs the print campaign and catalog for the new Peugeot 308 GT
    print campaign credits agency: BETC, Paris art director: Ludovic Labayade art buyer: Christine Lefers production company: Continental Productions, Paris retoucher: La Souris sur le Gateau catalog credits agency: This Is BD, London art directors: Andy Thirsk, Nicolas Piergallini production company: Continental Productions    

December 04 - 3:01 PM
Jan Steinhilber photographs the ultra-exclusive Porsche Panamera
Porsche is hailing its new Panamera series, which boasts handcrafted details, as the most luxurious ever. It’s also the most exclusive: Only 100 cars have been produced worldwide. To promote this limited-edition work of automotive art, Kemper Kommunikation commissioned Jan Steinhilber to photograph the Panamera and to capture the hands-on craftsmanship that went into creating […]

October 24 - 1:50 PM
Jan Steinhilber shoots campaign promoting the Audi CarCheck program to keep your Audi in shape for every season
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October 08 - 8:02 PM
Jan Steinhilber shoots campaign for the Peugeot 308
. .

July 09 - 1:50 PM
New automotive campaigns by Jan Steinhilber: the Acura TLX and the Peugeot 308 SW
Jan Steinhilber recently shot a campaign for the 2015 Acura TLX, created by Mullen, and for the Peugeot 308 SW, created by BETC in Paris. Here’s a look… . . Credits client: Acura agency: Mullen art director: Eric Schroeder producer: Team Halprin . . Credits client: Peugeot agency: BETC, Paris art director: Damien Binello producer: […]

May 22 - 12:36 PM
Jan Steinhilber for Beef! magazine
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May 16 - 12:59 PM
Jan Steinhilber shoots Smart’s adorable new two-seater, the Fortwo Citybeam
BBDO Proximity in Berlin commissioned Jan Steinhilber to photograph images for a flyer promoting Smart‘s new compact special-edition car, the Fortwo Citybeam. He sure makes it look like a fun car to zoom around in… . . Credits agency: BBDO Proximity Berlin creative director: Sven Sorgatz art director: Simone Kiening art buyer: Maya Iseli . […]