Jim Fiscus is an award-winning visual storyteller who builds his narratives using conceptual photography, his unusually vivid imagination, and a strict dedication to delivering the greatest number of options with the least amount of stress. His clients include a broad range of advertising and entertainment companies, from Progressive, Motorola, Gillette, Jameson, British Telecom, and Credit Suisse to Showtime, HBO, NBC, A&E, FX, and Britain’s ITV.

"The light is the basis of my storytelling,” he says. "Different types of light bring different feelings or emotions. There is a fairly wide range of work in my portfolio. I think that my approach is to make each job stand on its own. When I’m on a call with an art director, I talk with them about how I can create a look that represents them and their client.”

Jim began his career doing conceptual portraits for testimonial advertising, where his mission was to tell a story about a real person within one frame—where they worked, what they did, etc. After practicing this for years, he slowly began doing entertainment work. "Again, a complete story has to be told in one frame,” he says. "In a single frame, I get to convey a person’s character as well as the environment in which the story is set. Each job is different in that they’re lit to illustrate the specific concept, era, or feel. I am continually evolving so that these images reflect the needs of the show rather than just my personal style.”

Jim’s work has been honored by Lürzer’s Archive, PDN, the International Photography Awards, Communication Arts, Campaign Photo Awards, and PromaxBDA, among many others. He is based in Athens, Georgia.

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