April 28 - 3:39 PM
Melanie Acevedo’s “Another 52 Weeks”: waffling
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April 27 - 11:37 AM
Melanie Acevedo on shooting Weight Watchers’ second annual Body Issue, which celebrates beauty in all its forms
For its second-annual Body Issue, Weight Watchers magazine wanted to examine beauty in a new way. “So we decided to discuss what members talk about quite often: visibility,” explains senior editor Katerina Gkionis. The resulting cover story, “See Me Now,” features fresh, breezy portraits and upbeat profiles of a wide range of Weight Watchers members, […]

April 21 - 11:51 AM
Melanie Acevedo’s “Another 52 Weeks”: Where’s Rocky?
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April 14 - 11:26 AM
Melanie Acevedo’s “Another 52 Weeks”: “Thanks for nothing”
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April 07 - 11:20 AM
Melanie Acevedo’s “Another 52 Weeks”: bath time
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April 05 - 5:36 PM
Melanie Acevedo photographs “Quantico” star Yasmine Al Massri for the new issue of Darling magazine
Darling magazine commissioned Melanie Acevedo to photograph Yasmine Al Massri, who plays twin Muslim FBI agents on the hit ABC drama Quantico, for its new issue. And Mel was clearly charmed by the 38-year-old Palestinian-American actress and dancer. “She was one of the nicest, most respectful, grateful people I have EVER worked with,” says Melanie. […]

March 31 - 1:34 PM
Melanie Acevedo’s “Another 52 Weeks”: Rockwell
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March 28 - 2:31 PM
PDN interviews Melanie Acevedo about her approach to lighting for clients like Dove and Hush Puppies
PDN recently interviewed Melanie Acevedo about her approach to lighting for clients like Dove, for which she shot a global campaign centered on natural beauty (see the ads, and behind-the-scenes video, here and here), and Hush Puppies, which involved creating the feeling of warm sunlight (see the campaign here). Below, an excerpt. Melanie Acevedo’s advertising […]

March 24 - 12:33 PM
Melanie Acevedo’s “Another 52 Weeks”: tween
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March 21 - 1:21 PM
Chico’s commissions Melanie Acevedo for print and motion campaign featuring real-life friends
Chico’s is putting its own twist on the popular boyfriend jean trend by launching its Girlfriend Jean Collection. Fittingly, the campaign promoting it features real-life pals, including commercials in which they talk about their friendship and what it means to them. Chico’s commissioned Melanie Acevedo—whose fresh, optimistic visual style appeals to a wide audience—for both […]