Michael Muller is an award-winning celebrity and advertising photographer and director whose work has appeared in countless campaigns and major publications, from Speedo, Nike, Kodak, Coca-Cola, Billabong, TD Ameritrade, Turkish Airlines, Mazda, Nike, Dodge, Range Rover, Fila, and VonZipper to Vanity Fair, Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, The Red Bulletin, Flaunt, ESPN The Magazine, and Esquire. He is also one of the top key-art photographers in the business, with credits ranging from Ant-Man, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy, Exodus: Gods and Kings, the Iron Man movies, Spider-Man, and Captain America: Winter Soldier to Inherent Vice, Ballers, and Bessie.

Fueled by his unwavering love of adventure, Michael is also a passionate advocate for the protection of sharks, which have been demonized in pop culture. Using an underwater lighting system that he developed and has since patented, Michael regularly travels the world to photograph sharks, swimming cage free with his camera and crew. “I go down there with no cage, no metal suit—just a camera between me and their teeth.” His shark photos have been widely exhibited and have been featured on the Discovery Channel and the Travel Channel. The sportswear brand Billabong teamed up with Michael to produce a line of men’s and women’s clothing featuring his shark imagery. And Taschen is publishing a monograph of the shark photos.

In addition to his client work, Michael frequently contributes his time to the United Nations’ efforts to highlight the need for clean drinking water and to combat malaria, among other vital causes. He is also the cofounder of Kids Clicking Kids, which distributes cameras to children in hospitals and encourages them to photograph their world. The program is administered through the nonprofit organization Art of Elysium. “What Kids Clicking Kids encompasses is putting cameras into the hands of children and allowing them to go into their environments and capture moments,” Michael says. “The result is always the same: watching children smile, laugh, and leave their situation behind for a time and create art.”

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