April 16 - 7:45 AM
Nino Muñoz photographed Emilia Clarke, one of the stars of HBO‘s Game of Thrones, for a pastels-themed fashion cover story published in the April issue of Flare. Here’s a look… .
April 03 - 7:22 AM
Nino Muñoz, who previously photographed Mad Men star Christina Hendricks for London Fog, recently shot a new campaign for the fashion brand. Here are some of the highlights… . . .
March 19 - 11:23 AM
Nino Muñoz recently photographed Shakira for the cover of Latina magazine. Here’s a look… . . .
March 12 - 11:37 AM
Nino Muñoz‘s gorgeous Shape magazine cover shoot with Sharon Stone has been featured by Us Weekly, The Huffington Post, MSN‘s Wonderwall, and People, and the actress will be on Oprah Prime this Sunday  talking about appearing in the magazine (see a preview of that interview here). Watch the behind-the-scenes video from Nino’s shoot at Yahoo!‘s […]
March 03 - 1:18 PM
Our tumblr, which features new and archival images by our photographers, is about a year old now, so it’s a good time to take a look at which photos have best connected with our audience there. Each of the images below has so far garnered at least 75 notes, with the most popular photo set […]
February 14 - 7:53 AM
SMart Book 2014, our new photo annual, is hot off the presses and was recently shipped to our clients and colleagues in the creative industry. Designed by Design: MW and printed by GZD in Germany, it showcases images—and new self-portraits—by the entire Stockland Martel roster. We’re very proud of the book and even more proud […]
February 04 - 8:00 AM
For its February cover story, Out magazine asked Nino Muñoz to photograph the stars of HBO‘s buzzed-about new series Looking, which follows the lives of three close friends in San Francisco. “It was a pleasure working with this amazing cast,” says Nino. “It’s great to see a modern show about the realities of gay culture. […]
December 18 - 2:43 PM
Nino Muñoz photographed the multitalented, multi-award-winning singer/actress Jennifer Hudson for Essence‘s January cover story. Here’s a look at the feature, which was styled by Eric Archibald. Read a preview of the story, “titled Rare Air,” at essence.com. . . .
December 16 - 7:27 AM
Nino Muñoz photographed Cindy Crawford—whom he shot last year for the cover of Shape—for the cover of California lifestyle magazine C. Here’s a look… . . .