Uwe Duettmann is an award-winning advertising and editorial photographer known for his impressive range. He has shot athletes for campaigns for Red Bull and Nike, cinematic fashion stories for magazines such as Gala, naturalistic beauty campaigns for clients like Nivea, and a host of ads—on location and in the studio—for all the big automakers, including Mercedes, BMW, Mini Cooper, Volkswagen, Ford, and Audi. "I don’t think about whether I’m shooting landscapes or people or still life," he says. "It's more about how I can express myself in different ways."

No matter the project, Duettmann remains the consummate collaborator. His ultra-easygoing manner reveals no hint of ego, yet he maintains the confidence of someone who knows he can get the job done. "All I need is good direction," says Uwe, whose work has been honored by everyone from the London International Advertising Awards and the Art Directors Club in Germany to the AOP. "It's like jumping off a plane in a parachute. Even if the target is just one meter by one meter, I'll land on it."

On a more personal level, there's a reason why Duettmann's photographs often inspire a grin or even a laugh. "I'm not a nurse, but I'd love to help people enjoy life more," he says. "It's bizarre working in advertising and wanting to achieve that, but I try to bring the human aspect into it."

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