November 15 - 2:50 PM
Walter Iooss photographs members of the Beaumont Bulls senior youth football team for ESPN’s The Undefeated website
The Beaumont Bulls senior youth football team in Texas have garnered national media attention—and have even received death threats—for protesting the national anthem à la Colin Kaepernick. Recently, ESPN‘s The Undefeated website commissioned Walter Iooss to photograph members of the team on the field and at home. Here’s a look. Read the article here.  

November 10 - 3:36 PM
Walter Iooss photographs campaign for supermarket chain Aldi featuring rugby star Paul O’Connell

October 05 - 11:20 AM
Walter Iooss photographs Patrick Reed for the cover of Golf Digest

October 03 - 8:51 PM
Legend to legend: Christie Brinkley interviews Walter Iooss for Whalebone magazine
Christie Brinkley was the perfect choice to interview Walter Iooss for a recent issue of Whalebone magazine. Both Brinkley and Iooss are legends in their respective fields, and their paths have crossed professionally too: Walter shot Brinkley’s first-ever Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue appearance when the budding supermodel was all of 21. “We were at the […]

August 08 - 4:53 PM
Walter Iooss featured in “Who Shot Sports,” an exhibition celebrating the artistry of sports photography
It’s just the plight of the sports photographer that their work is often overshadowed by their subjects. No matter how brilliant and breathtaking the image—a pro basketball player about to dunk the ball, a famous football player enjoying his fandom, an iconic boxer sizing up his competition—it’s usually appreciated for the athlete’s achievement, not the […]

June 24 - 5:02 PM
A look inside Walter Iooss’ handmade “Diaries”
For 30 years, Walter Iooss has made books that contain photos, news clippings, paint, and handwritten text. They’re like mixed-media journals or, as he calls them, “Diaries.” “The pages not only reflect what, where, and who I shot,” he explains, “but also who and what is happening in the world during that time.” Below, some […]

April 12 - 6:02 PM
Walter Iooss photographs Jordan Spieth for the May issue of Golf Digest

March 18 - 1:33 PM
Walter Iooss photographs Rickie Fowler for the cover of Golf Digest’s April issue

March 10 - 5:06 PM
Walter Iooss photographs Draymond Green, Steph Curry, and Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors for the cover of Sports Illustrated

February 10 - 5:53 PM
See Walter Iooss’ classic photos of some of the greatest recording artists of our time, from Aretha Franklin to Mick Jagger
Walter Iooss has become a legend for his sports photography, but he’s also always been passionate about music. In fact, his dad was a jazz musician who gigged with Benny Goodman and Dizzie Gillespie, among others, so music is in his blood. Early in his career, while he was making his name at Sports Illustrated, […]